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About Us

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Our Vision

ZipTie’s vision is to be the country’s most trusted business advisor to mid-sized and community banks looking to build sustainable, innovative, self-perpetuating high performance in their organizations.  We focus on maintaining a center of excellence in tying vision, strategy, and leverage together in a way that supports high-performing talent management programs, meaningful integration of people, process and technology, and balanced continuous improvement of enterprise value through holistic evaluation of risk and return for all stakeholders those organizations support.

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Greater Purpose

We help build expertise to create more good for others than we will create for ourselves – by showing leaders how to build balanced, sustainable businesses based on respect, recognition, and reward, we believe we will all achieve greatness beyond ourselves.

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Our Core Values

We value people first, then the quality of products and services we deliver.  Then, when we are certain we have achieved those priorities, we value the creation of sustainable enterprise value for our company, which collectively we believe establishes a self-perpetuating culture of responsible, continuous improvement.

We show respect for all human beings inside and outside our company and for the communities in which they live. We enjoy serving our families, clients, partners, investors, teammates, and communities with honesty and integrity in everything we do. We relentlessly pursue quality through excellence as a team. We empower our high-performing talented teammates to be innovative and build trust so that everyone will know we will do the right thing, the right way, for the right reason, at the right time, every time.

Meet the Leadership

At ZipTie, we promote an idea-intensive culture, which rewards respectful challenge, creativity, and innovation to promote our center of executional excellence and continuous improvement.

Chad Fooshee

Founder & CEO

 Chad has over 25 years of experience in advisory and consulting capacity management and in general management, senior leadership, and project management roles for banks, broker-dealers, asset management firms, and others in the financial services industry.  He has spent most of his time solving problems or creating value for organizations that had written and communicated a vision, and delivered high-level products and services, but had so many goals and organizational channels that the people responsible for getting the work done had their attention shifted away from the company’s greater purpose.  Chad’s approach to creating incremental value is the same as his approach to solving problems.  Keep your eyes fixed on the future you believe in and never compromise on core values – whether climbing a mountain, standing strong for faith and family, or building a legendary company.

Missy Fooshee


Missy is a fiscal disciplinarian by nature, having grown up in a cattle farming family whose livelihood was directly tied to the success of regional and community banking in the South.  Missy’s father, Tom, worked his way through the ranks of regional banking in Mississippi, Tennessee, and Missouri before retiring as the president of a community bank in Oxford, Mississippi.  For the past 20 years, she has served in senior financial officer posts for a multi-billion dollar healthcare organization and operates a CFO outsourcing business for non-profit organizations in the greater Birmingham, Alabama area.

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