Actionable Steps for Banks to Take Advantage of Risks & Opportunities

Bank executive advisory firm, ZipTie, and its modern banking technology partner, Amberoon Inc., have developed a solution to capture & synthesize data on external threats and align them with vulnerabilities specific to mid-sized and community bank key performance indicators, to provide consistent, reliable insight to measure their impact using a Threat-Vulnerability Analysis to better focus on bank-specific risks and opportunities.

From cyber to rapidly evolving modern technology to economic security (including health security) to natural disasters to terrorism & transnational organized crime to mass civil disobedience to threats of global conflict to potential government & regulatory overreach (sometimes too much federal intervention makes a problem worse), external threats continue to grow at a pace that can only be met by banks with…

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The Future of Bank Performance Analytics is Here

ZipTie Advisors partners with banks and credit unions to assist them in optimizing their shareholder value by building a culture of continuous improvement in people, process, and technology. ZipTie is excited to announce the latest addition to our partnership ecosystem, Amberoon, Inc. Amberoon’s newest software release, Statum KPI, provides a bank performance management solution that leverages advances in artificial intelligence, data engineering, and security to conduct rigorous analyses of performance patterns across multiple financial services institutions. The future of bank performance analytics is here.

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Embrace the Constancy of Change

“No man can step in the same river twice…”  Heraclitus (c. 500 B.C.) Change is Inevitable.  According to Heraclitus, one of the pre-Socratic philosophers, the fundamental essence of the universe is change.  In the Holy Bible, about 200 years before Heraclitus, the prophet Isaiah wrote with each new experience we…

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