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Strategic Partners

Alignment with Strategic Partners

At ZipTie, we believe one of our most valuable assets is our integrated network of “strategic partners” – banking specialists, high-performing banking talent search firms, financial innovation and technology specialists, and business strategists.  Our primary focus is to be adjustable to the needs of regional and community banks by providing incredibly strong solutions to connect the company’s resources to its vision.  We strive to support your company’s leadership by providing clarity, connectivity and consistency among your vision, your strategic plan and the prioritization of resources customized to your unique business and vision. To provide the highest quality solutions and value creation, we have established strategic partnerships with these businesses that share our greater purpose for promoting the success of financial institutions across the country.

These strategic partners consist of specialists that work with banks across the country and around the world.  Our interaction with senior leadership of these businesses support timely access to financial market, regulatory and professional guidance so that we maintain access to the most current and efficient resources to serve your company.  Once we’ve completed a developmental planning assessment of your organization, we will facilitate connecting you directly with these businesses to further support achieving your company’s vision.